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“Moustache from the Moon” entering postproduction

Posted on 10 June 2013

After our week shooting between 23 and 29 of May, we are now going to start postproduction phase by viewing the rough cut today. Then we are going to grade in black & white the film in the end of June in a postproduction company on a Blackmagic DaVinci. At the end, we should be able to produce a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for any kind of screening in short-films festivals.

Both camera crew and postproduction crew have planned a long time ago what would be the steps of our postproduction process. We made the choice of using Sony's S-log gamma curves during our shooting in order to take advantage of the dynamic range provided by our Sony F3's EXMOR sensor. Using this process, we hope to make our pictures luminance like old deteriorated film reels. Otherwise, we recorded everything in color to change the luminosity of some areas without using any complex masks or tracking device.

We then have to composite some visual effects shots in order to recreate our fictive North-American town. Last but not least, we will have to deteriorate the film in a convincing way. We are going to search how to make our film look dusty, smudged and scratched in a very organic and random way. All that without altering too much our film, to make it viewable on a cinema screen.

Keep it up !